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Important Information: DDOS Attacks

Unfortunately twice this week we've had to experience a DDOS attack both from BOTNETS which unfortunately means my Firewall gets flooded with thousands of different addresses so I can't just block it unfortunately. Myself and the Xefex team are working hard to get this ironed out but if the server drops out over the next week unfortunately there is not much I can do about it.

I have put hours and hours of my time into this server it's been online for almost a year and 8 months now and every day I'm tinkering in the background somehow so kind of gutted someone is successfully destroying what I have worked hard for so thank you to the hacker I really appreciate what your doing..... not :/
To everyone else who uses the server in a legit way. Thank you to everyone who's been patient with the server recently you are the reason its still going and I have the passion to keep going with it. I know its been intermittent and up and down with ping but I promise it will be sorted soon.
Thanks Everyone!

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