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Please feel free to take a look around, familiarise yourself with the server rules and if you got any questions for us either check out the FAQ section or submit a ticket to us in our support section.

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Status: Normal

Status: Normal

Any problems please don't hesitate to contact our Helpdesk at: Report A Problem

Server Ideas

We are planning a few changes to the server in the next week or so to bring the server back to its former life as I feel its been kind of deserted for a while.

Our users seem to want to see more Ranks to be able to be assigned to them. Most of them will be game related, but if anyone has any ideas. please don't hesitate to contact one of us via message on the server.

We are also in the process of adding more channels to the server, I did spend a little while going through webpages showing me latest releases but not really sure what the community is into, so if you want a game added to the channels then again don't hesitate to contact us!

The channels currently are limited to one channel per game and I was thinking of maybe adding sub channels to them channels to allow for more groups of people that are playing the same game to have there own separate chats but this will be in testing as I'm not sure how this will effect the look and the slots in the server.

We did try and apply for TeamSpeak Sponsorship a couple of times but unfortunately got denied as there "is too many" gaming communities apparently. We did look into purchasing a License but unfortunately its too expensive as this is a non profit hobby server but it may be something we look into in the future!

Thank you to the OG's of Teamspeak Gaming Community! You are what makes this server a great place to be!

have a good day! - TheAdminTeam

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